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a movement theater performance dedicated to a disequilibrating contemporary world

ANALOG <-> DIGITAL is a movement theater performance dedicated to a disequilibrating contemporary world. Analogue sounds compete with digital ones, books burn and e-readers rise, vinyls are the new dancefloor and polaroids our only archive.
In a scenography between pixels and objects arises a temporal space where micromovements appear: fingers precisely initiating the ongoing dance of a spinning top or the blink of an eye caught in an extravagant selfie.
ANALOG <-> DIGITAL invites you to oscillate in between contradictory cravings: waiting for a handwritten letter, detesting technology, falling in love with a screen (maybe even a robot?), breaking your phone, crying for a book, stealing a spinning top, scratching a vinyl, getting addicted to chatGPT .

'Inspired by ancient and contemporary games, sweetly accompanied by a tendency to escapism, the performers question/teases/underlines our relation with digital and analogue objects.'

Teasing our obedience to a digital environment and the glorification of the screen, K&A invites the audience on a delirious trip, that ends with a blink.

© Photography: Karla Isidorou 

Ready for a spinning top?

Cast & Credits

Concept, performance: K&A

Text: K&A with quotes of Marguerite Duras, James Baldwin, Kae Tempest, Orhan Pamuk, Sarah Cane, Chat GPT, Terence Winter, June Jordan, Edward Albee, Elizabeth Taylor, Cory Doctorow, Cookie Monster, Eminem, Coi Leray, Hildegard of Bingen
Set Design: K&A
Technical support: Andries van Duijvenbode (Theater Ins Blau) Harwin Wegner (Theater Ins Blau)
Composition & realization of music: Alexandra Bellon
Voice: Anne-Kathryn Olsen
Voice recording: Alessandro Mazzieri
Mix of composition: Alessandro Mazzieri
Coproduction: Stichting Public Frequencies, K&A, Theater Ins Blau

Special Thanks to: Kees van Leeuwen, Kishan Buldeo Rai, Mirjam Hensgens, Kim Vissers, Theater Ins Blau, Kaserne Blau
The composition of ANALOG <-> DIGITAL is supported by Nicati-De Luze

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Past Dates

August 2023
Aug 19
19 August 2023 11:00 - 16:00
Theater ins Blau,
January 2024
Jan 10
10 January 2024 20:30 - 22:00
Theater ins Blau,
February 2024
Feb 14
14 February 2024 20:30
Theater ins Blau,
Feb 15
15 February 2024 20:30
Theater ins Blau,
Feb 16
16 February 2024 20:30
Theater ins Blau,
Feb 17
17 February 2024 20:30
Theater ins Blau,
Feb 22
22 February 2024 17:00 - 20:30
A LAB, Overhoeksplein 2
Amsterdam, 1031KS Netherlands
Feb 28
28 February 2024 20:30 - 22:30
Forum Grosselin, Rue Jacques-Grosselin 50 C
Carouge, 1227 Switzerland
May 2024
May 29
29 May 2024 20:30 - 23:00
Le Pneu, 18 rue du vélodrome
Geneva, 1205 Switzerland