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a breathtaking sonic installation

RADIX by K&A offers a 20-minute immersive sonic journey challenging perceptions of evil. Using live binaural sound recordings, visitors experience another’s auditory world unfolding in real time. Binaural audio mimics human ear reception, intensifying intimacy and stimulating empathy. In “RADIX” music, narrative and dialogues merge, evoking a unique experience for the listener through headphones. K&A, exploring this technique since 2019, aim to evoke varied intimacies and shift perspectives, from individual immersion to broader empathy. 

The  installation proposed by K&A invites participants to reconsider their boundaries through sonic immersion.


“RADIX is a breathtaking sonic installation that will shatter your perception of the borders between you and the other while questioning the banality of evil” K&A

RADIX winner of Open Call: Empathie (De Balie)
In times of war and crises, it’s essential to reflect on the society we are and aspire to be. That’s why De Balie and Amsterdams 4 en 5 mei comité have once again joined forces for an Open Call. From the numerous and diverse submissions, the jury has selected six winners: three in the category ‘visual arts’ and three in the category ‘literature’. The winners have received a monetary prize to develop their concepts and will present them during the weekend of 4 & 5 May

"K&A explore empathy through a unique aural experience. Their practice is professional, their artistic language poetic."

Cast & Credits

Concept, performance, text : K&A – Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon
Composition & realization of music: Alexandra Bellon
Voice: Anne-Kathryn Olsen
Mix of composition: Alessandro Mazzieri

With the support of Stichting Public Frequencies and De Balie

RADIX was one of the three winners of the Open call: Empathie, initiated by “De Balie”

Upcoming Dates

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Past Dates

May 2024
May 04
04 May 2024
De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen
Amsterdam, 1017 RR
May 05
05 May 2024
De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen
Amsterdam, 1017 RR