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(G)loves for (G)ants

a neo ritual to immerse you into the sounds and images of the future society
Sketching 2111, where there are only 26 jobs leftover for the hands of the humans. The (g)love, the most privileged object, invades the spatial-temporal reality: the only one capable of exploring the unknown wor(l)ds of bodies. Infected by the hygienic law, humanity shares the fascination for and dependency to the object that controls & protects their porous skin from the outside: Les (g)ants = the (g)loves in English. (G)ants intrude the skin to transform the gestures of the future jobs. 26 gloves: Aimant (g)loves, BOBO (g)loves, Cornichon (g)loves, D, E,( …) Z

26 gloves
26 miniature performances
26 binaural 3D recordings

“A (G)love for your hands. A (G)ant for your skin. A (G)ang for your life.”

With (G)loves for (G)ants K&A sketch a futuristic neoritual that explores a society of (G)loves. The performance (G)loves for (G)ants has a duration of 208 min. It consists of 26 performances each with a duration of 8 minutes. The audience can enter and exit each 8 minutes. 
Part of the project is a tailormade slotmachine & a book and two workshops

Cast & Credits

Concept, Artistic direction & performance: K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon)
Binaural recording, research & mix: David Poissonnier
Music composition & execution: K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon)
Graphic Design: Mathilde Wingering
IT Design:  Antoine Hordez
IT Graphic Design slotmachine:  Antony Margole

Special thanks to: The team of Sitting Shotgun (Brooklyn, NYC), Accueil Studio l’ADC (Geneve, CH)

© Photography: K&A 

Audience Reactions

“The final segment of this 3.5-hour piece was the two women shaking hands—which seems like a simple, innocuous act. It was anything but simple. It was intensely emotional and private. It was painful, beautiful, silent, and yet loud in its quiet. I watched them learn everything about each other through this single point of contact. I was the only audience member witnessing this moment—that, combined with their intense focus on one another, made me feel as though I was intruding on something intensely personal in the best way. It provoked such an intense emotional response in me that I found myself welling up. I am continually struck by the power of silence, focus, and intimacy and what was so striking about this moment for me was that K&A managed to make such a mundane act—shaking hands—into a beautiful, private, intimate act—completely defying any and all expectations. That is the kind of work I hope to create and response I hope to provoke.”


©  K&A

The Slotmachine

recordingsThe (A)lien, a web-application, a hybridization between a jukebox and a slot machine, invades your phone to give you a singular soundscape. The listening and the viewing are independent states, they randomly collide to open the doors of perception.
Ready to gamble?
Put on your headphones and try your chance!


"The sound environments are mixing contemporary percussion with ancient working rhythms from all kinds of latitudes & longitudes. This collision, perpetuates the tradition of workers and drummers. Workers are drummers / drummers are workers. Percussion is a way to integrate the noises of the world into the work - or the noise of the work into the world... The workers use the gloves to protect their skin. The drummers use the sticks to awake the skin. In this project, the gloves will become the protecting “drumsticks” to rhythm the head. Rhythm is the base of division of the time, it the glue of repetition - maybe an access to a (g)ant’s transe?"


Concept: K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra 
IT Design: Antoine Hordez
IT Graphic Design : 
Antony Margole 

The Book


What if collective writing as well as curative writing could be a system to rethink, reimagine and broaden our social and linguistic understanding of the world? 
The book of (G)loves for (G)ants is a poetic & visual exploration of the 26 unique (G)loves)



Concept, photography & text: K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon)
Graphic design: Mathilde Wingering


Workshop Binaural Recording
a performative exploration of the dialogue between sound and visual elements The workshop allows us to broaden our listening of the world around us through a «sound magnifying glass»: the binaural / 3D recording. Participants sketch gestures and movements that make the gloves vibrate, ring and move, like a ballet of hands, a giant instrument. The listening keys are constructed in relation to an empirical experience and theoretical knowledge is acquired through the playful interaction with music and scenographic elements.
Workshop Collective Writing


What if collective writing as well as curative writing could be a system to rethink, reimagine and broaden our social and linguistic understanding of the world? 
With this workshop K&A invites the audience to enter the (G)loves world creating collectively a new version of the book, a poetic encounter between image and word, poem and glove.



Gloves to protect and to control against cold or heat,
damaged by fiction, abrasion and chemicals,
from what a 
bare hand should not touch

are the only tool to explore the future bodies,
to challenge the danger, the alien unknown words.
Symbolising the borders with the other,
balancing the fears/tears with the irresistible need to discover.
This ovni-project is kidding/killing the prophecy
of a society fascinated and driven
by the collection of this intri-(g)ant neo skin.
A porous cocktail of dystopia and utopia.

to protect and to control: two raw rivers that meet in the junction
of an encrypted wor(l)d.
An invitation into an escaped (g)loves capsule, 
to be exposed to working hands.

against cold or heat,
(G)loves for (G)ants is using the body
as a remote territory. Still developing the carcass,
regarding to 
individual abilities and the needs of the collective,
through an 
hybridization with (G)loves.
Building a babel bank of gestures 
to format the future? body.

damaged by fiction, abrasion and chemicals,
the (g)loves underline the borders between the one & the other,
through numeric algorithms & the transformed chimeras.
This catalytic brain poison is re-confronting the current world,
from a time machine distance.
As poetical and political notions merge into alternative futures,
new possibilities arise, to imagine and re-build with a smile.
from what a bare hand should not touch
This is the Hand.

Past Dates

May 2024
May 10
10 May 2024
Theater ins Blau,
March 2020
Mar 30
30 March 2020
Bibliotheque Cité, Geneva, Switzerland
Mar 30
30 March 2020
Festival Archipel, Geneva, Switzerland
February 2019
Feb 15
15 February 2019
Sitting Shotgun, Brooklyn, NY United States

Upcoming Dates

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