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a serie of pop-up performances that questions our digital & analog addictions

Anything to say?
(well) SHUT UP AND SCROLL. From the private to the public realm a gesture is invading our bodies and minds, K&A present SANDBOX:

A shallow box or a hollow in the ground partly filled by sand to play in. A place for free play as physical material is continually leveled maneuvered forms with an infinity of possibilities.

A testing environment in a computer system software in which can be or coding run securely. Malicious files and suspicious objects can be tested. An essential tool for professionals to understand the behavior of malware.

In SANDBOX a performance for 3 people, the duet K&A invites the audience to climb on the stool and SHUT UP & SCROLL till the end for happiness.


Cast & Credits

SHUT UP & SCROLL is a dystopic alter ego of ‘Anything to say?’ by Davide Dormino
Pin-drop & location advise: Kees
Drilling mentor: Kishan
Ikea puzzle specialist: Mirjam
PR: Kim
On the spot assistance: Myrthe
Concept, transport, and scrolling : K&A – Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon


Imagined in Kaserne Blau and realized with the support of the whole team of Theater Ins Blau.



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Past Dates

August 2023
Aug 19
19 August 2023
Theater ins Blau,