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multimedia book / 2022

In 2020-22, we created a multidisciplinary theatre performance that transformed the comic “Un monde en pieces” of Ulysse & Gaspard Gry from 2D to 3D.
To accompany this project we have designed an interactive book that takes its audience through sound recordings, videos, photography and text, and drops them in the chess city of New Ebony!

The shape of the book
The pages of the book contain only part of the story. It is the QR codes on the
pages that give access to the multimedia content. The QR codes are linked to videos and sound recordings that place the viewer in the middle of the story.

Welcome to New Ebony, a chess city! 

The main language of the book is Dutch with a few extracts in English

Where to find it 

Libraries: Kbk Nationale Bibliotheek (2, jongeren afdeling), A LAB Amsterdam (2), Openbare Bibliotheek Utrecht (7 jongeren afdeling), Mediatheek ArtEZ Zwolle (2), Mediatheek ArtEZ Arnhem (2), Mediatheek ArtEZ Enschede (2)

Cultural & educational Institutes: Studium Generale ArtEZ Arnhem (2), Opleiding Theaterdocent Arnhem (10), Leiden Universiteit afdeling Anthropologie (1), SKVR Rotterdam (4), Jongeren theaterklas van Theaterschool Hilvarenbeek (7), Vlietland College Leiden (2), Toneelmeester (jeugdselectie 15 & vooropleiding toneelschool 15)

4 surprising location chosen by readers: SoSOL Stevenshof (1), STRAAT Museum Amsterdam (1), Vrij Parkeren Leiden (1), ABC Literaire Cafe Arnhem (1)

Would you like your own copy? Reach out to us or acquire it through our bandcamp


This book is part of the multidisciplinary project CHANGE THE GAME by K&A produced by Stichting Public Frequencies in coproduction with Theater Ins BlauCHANGE THE GAME was shown as a performance in Dutch theatres in season 21/22. 

Book design: K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon)
Photography in book: K&A, Karla Isidorou, Alexandra Bellon
based on Un monde en pièce by Gaspard & Ulysse Gry
special thanks for re-reading to Monique in Het Veld and Marjan van Giel
Directing & Editing of film: K&A
Translation: Martin de Haan
Binaural recording, research & mix: David Poissonnier
Composition & performance music: Alexandra Bellon
Filming & editing: K&A
Remix club: DJ Skilzz
Rap (text & voice): Gerindo Kartadinata
Graphic design poster & money: Gaspard & Ulysse Gry
Mask design & costume advice: Sofya Samareva
Research & development digital platform: Clever Net Systems, Antoine Hordez
Technician tour: Bas Molenveld
Business support: Monique in het Veld
Co production: Theatre Ins Blau
Performers film, photography and on stage: Alkis Barbas, Alexandra Bellon, Gillis Biesheuvel, Onno Dirker, Karla Isidorou, Gerindo Kartadinata, Gina-Alina Patilea, Hanne Struyf, Fenna Schoren.
Voices: Annelie Koning, Chris Kijne, Gerindo Kartadinata, Gillis Biesheuvel, Hanne Struyf, Ioana Tudor, Jibbe Willems, Justin Samgar, Joshua Albano, Kees van Leeuwen, Lard Adrian, Laurien van Rijswijk, Leon Kribbeler, Marjan van Giel, Onno Dirker, Sophie Derkzen.
Voice recording: Alessandro Mazzieri at Wisseloord Studio.
Special thanks to: Kees van Leeuwen, the whole team at Theater Ins Blau, Precious Plastic Prague, Ensemble Batida, Steef Kersbergen & the Supervisory Board or Public Frequencies Foundation

This project was made possible in part by the Fonds Podiumkunsten, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Lira Fonds, Fonds21, Dioraphte Lira Fonds, Nicati De Luze, V Fonds.