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a simple collective action: a poetic ignition, a crucial gesture, to transfer the gravity of inflammability

With the RELAY OF MATCHES we ignite an expanding poetic gesture, carrying and transfering from one to another a minuscule pit of fire.
Can a simple gesture such as the scratch of a match touch an ancient chord and evoke collectivity? It is the simplest of our actions that can touch us mark us, form us, fire us.
Who will be there to scratch?
Who will be there to match?
Who will be there to touch?

"How inflammable are our thoughts? Our actions? Our links? All together, performers & audience, we relay a simple gesture… some would say a childrens gâme: passing the sparkle of a match from one to another. Success or failure is not the point. Like thousands of people before us we will share the fire. From body to body, hand to hand, match to match, border to border."

In the untamed wildness of a nomans zone, in between and across checkpoints a line forms by the bodies of the audience. Each single one is holding a match, ready to be fired.The first match is scratched, the small fire appears with a simple gesture it is given to the next one, lighting the next match. The faces light for less than a second and the fire is passed on. In between 150 bodies the smallest ball of fire becomes the words of a poem without words.

Cast & Credits

Concept, text & performance: K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon)
Thank you:  to all those that were there to ignite the match

© Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2022/Ozan Tezvaran

"Life is as intense as the gesture of lighting a match: a fast start, some fire, an unannounced ending. What makes it worth living? Sharing the fire: the relay of knowledge, thoughts, questions, hope, empathy and their inflammability. With the relay of matches we question through a seemingly simple gesture (passing the sparkle of a match from one to another) how inflammable our thoughts, our actions and our links are. It is these questions that drive us and it is the intensity of experiencing the answers within your body and within collectivity that makes life more than worth living. "

Audience reactions

© K&A

a match...

Past Dates

October 2022
Oct 09
09 October 2022
Home for Cooperation, Buffer Zone, Cyprus