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an ode / death sentence to the letters

A perfume of Apocalypse. Year 8102. They say there ‘re going to be aluminium rolling clouds. Time goes on. The virus OK-KO is expanding. It erases the letters of our alphabet one after the other.

APOCALYPSE MON AMOUR is an experimental documentary, an immersive and interactive performance, that zooms into the future 8102: a year in which the language is invaded by a virus. A live typed text is being engraved on the screen of the room, the sounds of the amplified typewriter intrude the surrounding sound system of the cinema. Subtitles, are not any more the sub, but the protagonists. They become the encoded images of the film. Through the cursor, the live voice over and the circular sound the audience is blend into a looping apocalyptic world.

A live film, an immersive performance as an ode/death sentence to the letters of 8102.

The question is not what happens before. The question is not what will be after.
The core is the transformation itself – as if typing into the eye of the cyclone. Letters swirling and dissolving into the air. You lose your letters? Time goes on.
How long will you still be able to pass on the message?
APOCALYPSE MON AMOUR, exposes the timeline of the expansion of a virus, that grabs the common communication system: our language. 

In the geography of the night, an ongoing letter appears, typed live by the two performers while the audience uses a tailor made web-application to write an infected letter. A letter to a friend, a lover, a mother, or to a frog.

Try to write a letter: MON AMOUR

I try to type you a letter. I try to type you for later. From 8102 to now.

Cast & Credits

Concept, text & performance: K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon) 
Music composition & realization: Alexandra Bellon
IT Design: Antoine Hordez

Upcoming Dates

OK - KO : The virus
J & J Kiss: The bomb carrying the OK-KO virus WNR: the timing in which the J & J Kiss explodes to expand the virus

Ready for an APOCALYPSE?

Upcoming Dates

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Past Dates

May 2023
May 06
06 May 2023
La Palpitante, Mens, France
June 2022
Jun 24
24 June 2022
Fête de la Musique, Geneve, Switzerland
April 2020
Apr 04
04 April 2020
Fumetto Festival, Luzern, Switzerland
June 2019
Jun 05
05 June 2019
PQ2019 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Space, Prague, Czech Republic
January 2019
Jan 25
25 January 2019
Focus Filmtheater, Arnhem, Netherlands